Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Victim of Post Tramatic Stress...

Lerner Publishing, (2010). Book trailer: the freak observer [Web]. Available from

Freak Observer by Blythe Woolston, (2010)
Interesting Facts: This book is an ALA William C. Morris Debut Award Winner.  This award is given to first-time authors of young adult books. 
About the Book:Before I go into details about the book, I would like to say that reading it reminded me of Speak . I say this because like Melinda in Speak, Loa is trying to overcome a tramatic experience. Throughout the book, Loa struggles through the grieving process and suffers from post-traumatic stress.  The death of her little sister to Rett’s Syndrome has completely turned her family life into chaos.  To make matters worse one of her friends has died in what seems to be an accident but may have been suicide. She fights to keep her eyes open so she won’t have to see haunting images of the accident and to escape her reoccurring nightmares with The Boney Guy (Death).  Before The Boney Guy, Loa’s life was pretty good. She now depends on herself to get through her ordeal as her parents are not much involved in her life anymore and she has no friends.  There is one assignment that not only helps keep her mind off things but also seems to be one of the things guiding her on the road to acceptance.
Why read it? When tragedy strikes, people sometimes forget that they themselves are not the only victims.  Sometimes they become cold towards the other survivors around them.  This book shows that not only is it possible to heal but that it is much easier to do so with the support of those around you.
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