Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moon Over Manifest

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Moon Over Manifest by Claire Vanderpool, (2010)
Interesting Information:This Newbery winning book is an example of historical fiction. The story is set during the great depression of 1936 in a small fictional town in Kansas but provides glimpses of the past.
About the book:As heartwarming as this book is, it provides its share of suspense and humor.  It is a touching story about a young girl named Abilene (12 years old) who has grown up with her daddy along the railroads.  One day her father sends her off to an unknown place with unknown people and Abilene is not only confused but heartbroken to be torn apart from her father.  Her new home is in Manifest, Kansas.  There she discovers a simple box filled with old letters and trinkets.  The letters are dated from the years 1917-1918, during the First World War.  They are written by a young boy named Ned to his best buddy named Jinx.  Her discoveries lead her on a spy hunt. Abilene is also searching for her father’s tie to the town. Through the letters and with the help of a diviner, Abilene is able to develop a close relationship with Ned, Jinx, Shady, and many others that have a part in this entangled story.  Let’s just say that Abilene and her accomplices found much more than they were bargaining for as they discover the truths behind murders, cons, and their neighbors.
Why read it?It is interesting to see how a story can be written within a story. This story is not only entertaining; it is also educational about important events such as Kansas, Orphan trains, and the Spanish Influenza. 

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