Thursday, July 14, 2011

Play Ball, Jackie! by Stephen Krensky

Jackie Robinson a video by charritabonita on Flickr.

Interesting Fact: This book is based on the true story of Jackie Robinson.  .

About the Book:Ten year old Matty Romano is excited to attend the opening game for his favorite team the Brooklyn Dodgers.  This is also a big day for Jackie Robinson!  Jackie is the first man ever allowed to play on a major league team.  As Matty witnesses the racist attitude of many fans, he is nervous for Jackie. Will Jackie overcome the taunts and negativity faced?

Why read it?

Jackie Robinson assisted in breaking the color barrier in baseball and is a wonderful figure to recognize.  Many people still face discrimation based on the color of their skin, their religion, and many other factors.  This book can help break those barriers and give hope to those that have experienced discrimination.