Saturday, February 18, 2012

"To Save A Life" Addresses Bullying and Teen Suicide

Interesting Facts: This indie film addresses issues that plague teens today such as social divisions, school violence, teen suicide, divorce, teen pregnancy, disabilities, and cutting.  It also address the effects of bullying and the role that bystanders play in a number of teen suicides. It is rated PG-13.

What is this movie about?
It focuses on Jake, a high school senior who is also the most popular kid in school.  Jake is a talented athlete and is dating the most wanted girl in school.  As he climbs up the social ladder, he leaves his best friend Roger behind. In fact, Jake stopped talking to Roger freshmen year!  Roger has no friends and is constantly ridiculed due to his limp.  Jake witnesses all of this for years but never stands up for Roger or tries to befriend him again.  The constant bullying and loneliness finally drives Roger over the edge. He walks into school one day with a gun and commits suicide as Jake looks on in horror. Jake does try to stop him but Roger says it is too late and points the gun to himself.  The guilt moves Jake to change his life.  He begins to look for a deeper purpose in life and tries reach out to those who are in need of a friend.  In doing so, he receives tough criticism from those around him.  Life becomes even more complicated as he faces some serious decisions that will affect his future.

Why watch this movie?
The real life scenario moves viewers to examine their own dealings with others, especially those that are not readily accepted.  Are we a bully or a bystander? It also helps us examine the way we respond when we are approached by others. We do not always know what people are dealing with in their personal lives. We do not know everyone's life story.  Therefore, it is easy for us to overlook or minimize someone's cry for help.  It is so easy for us to take a call, visit, or conversation as just something trivial. We rarely think that it may actually be someone's last effort to hold on to life. Maybe they are looking for a little hope, a little bit of positive, or a little reason to convince themselves out of taking their lives. Sometimes the smallest action (or lack of action) on our part can either push someone over the edge or help them back up. May we never support bullying in any form, on the contrary may we be determined to save a life!

P.S. I would like to dedicate this particular post to all victims of bullying and their families. I can not help recalling the story of Phoebe Prince. <3

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