Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tyrell by Coe Booth

Interesting Fact:
In this narrative, Tyrell uses the language and dialect that is a familiar characteristic of the Bronx.

About the Book:
Tyrell is a 15 year old boy who has been forced to grow up all too quickly in New York's South Bronx.  His father is in jail and his mother refuses to take on the responsiblity of providing for her family, forcing them into run down shelters. At his young age, Tyrell tries to care for his younger brother to the best of his abilities.  Due to his circumstances, he has had to drop out of school and struggles to stay away from the tempting drug business even though this means giving up the chance to earn fast money. Tyrell is desperate to get out of his situation but he is determined to do so the right way.  One wrong move could either send him to prison or his brother into foster care again.  Unlike his father, Tyrell does think about how his actions will affect his family, mainly his little brother.  The struggles in the story are painful to read about but they are also very realistic.  Aside from all the family issues, Tyrell is also torn between living up to his long time girlfriend's expectations and giving into the volumptous Jasmine who he has recently met.

Personal Thoughts:
Coming from a home where both of my parents took on family responsibilities and always provided a place to call home, it was heartbreaking to read about the harsh environment in which many young people grow up in.  I think that Tyrell helped me understand the challenges that many we come across are facing in their lives.  He can also serve as an inspiration to those that may find themselves in a similar situation where they must sacrifice much of themselves to care for younger siblings and are determined to live differently than those around them.

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