Monday, November 15, 2010

Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

Interesting Fact:
This is one of the many books that are frequently challenged, making it also one that is attractive to young adults.  In this book, readers are introducted to several characters that struggle to get along with their peers because of their differences.

About the Book:
Junior lives on an Indian reservation (Rez) and has only one friend who he has also happened to grown up with.  By the age of 14, Junior becomes unsatisfied with attending school at the Rez because he feels that he deserves a better education which he believes will eventually lead him to a better life away from the Rez.  As Junior's goals and interests begin to change, his friend Rowley begins to view him as a traitor.  At the Rez, Junior had always been a target of bullies due to the fact that his disability has left him with some noticeable physical flaws.  When Junior first meets his new school mates he is teased not only due to his physical appearance but also because he happens to be the only Indian in a "white" school.  Will Junior survive school out of the Rez?  Will Rowley and the rest of the people at the Rez ever understand him? 

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Why should you read it?
Like Junior, many of us have faced some type of life altering decisions and challenges.  Some may have even felt like an outsider at home, work, or school.  This is an inspiring story about a young man who is determined to make a better life for himself despite the challeges imposed by poverty, disabilites, and racism.  Therefore, it is a book that is encouraging to all who have faced similar challenges. 

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