Saturday, January 7, 2012

Crossed by Allie Condie

Interesting Fact: This is book two of the Matched Trilogy, which is a dystopian romance and a sci-fiction novel.

About the Book: If you have not read the first book, I recommend that you scroll down my blog and read the Matched summary. At the end of book one,  Ky is forcibly taken away by the Society and sent out the Outer Provinces to war against the "enemy." The Society usually orders this as a punishment and it is pretty much equal to a death sentence.  Cassia was left heartbroken and quickly devises a plan to reach the Outer Provinces (Ky's original home) in search of Ky.  She soon discovers that Ky has managed to escape into the Carving which is a tough place to survive.  Ky unknowingly leaves clues that eventually lead Cassia to him and their reunion plays like a movie scene in your head.  However, it does not take long for danger, deception, and confusion to test their relationship.  Ky holds several involving the Rising and another one about Xander! The reasons for such secrecy involve Ky's past experiences and the fear of losing Cassia. When one of those secretes is exposed, Cassia is left feeling deceived by the one she trusted the most.  Once the truth is out, Ky and Cassia must decide whether they will stick together or follow different paths.

Why read it? Discovering more Society secrets, continues to build appreciation for the freedoms we possess in our societies today. Readers may identify with Ky who is dealing with overcoming his past including the lose of his parents and Cassia who is risking her life not only for love but for a a bigger cause that she believes in.  There are also new characters in the story such as Indie. Although she is brave and intriguing, I find it difficult to like her.  I find it especially difficult to trust her, since she steals from Cassia, is in on Ky's secret, and invites him to join her on a journey while suggesting to ditch Cassia! She also does some things to help Cassia, which is why I have trouble figuring her out.

OH, and one of the best reasons to read this book is that it is filled with so many great quotes!!!

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